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Aisling enjoys teaching horn players of all ages, and is currently offering virtual lessons via Skype or Zoom.

My philosophy and teaching style:

I have been privileged to have had incredible horn teachers, and I know what an important role a teacher has in a student’s development. My teaching style is based on the warm, encouraging atmosphere that my teachers provided me with as a developing horn player. I want to help each student achieve their goals, whatever those may be.

Each individual is different, and I carefully plan each lesson to be tailored to each student’s needs and goals. In our lessons, we will go over many important aspects of playing the horn: fundamentals exercises, etudes, solos, excerpts and more! I can help you prepare for your youth symphony audition or All-State audition, or assist with learning school band music. What we cover in your lessons will depend on your goals. Ultimately, my goal is to help students to become their own best teacher. I want to give students the skills they need to expand their toolbox and have the tools necessary to approach various music that they may be learning or want to learn. I also want to make playing the horn fun for my students! I love playing the horn, and I want to share my passion for music with my students!

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